Checklist for Creating a Good Game

Despite I make following lists mainly to remind myself, I hope it would be helpful to someone as well : ).

Know Your Genre

Each genre has its own vital features, don’t try to manipulate them if you don’t have very good reason to do so. According to my experience, missing only one vital feature can lead to failure of the game (cry).

Respect Your Audience

You have to worm welcome player to your world, try your best to make them feel comfortable as much as you can. Apart from that, you have to keep in mind that there are good player and bad player out there. Following are 2 major types of audience I can think about.

  • Hardcore gamer: They have no problem to learn complicate mechanics. They love challenge and have high patient.
  • Casual gamer: They don’t want to learn to play, they just want to play and want to win. Having said that, they also love challenge. Too high challenge will make them instantly quit the game. The game must be really forgiving to their mistake to encourage them to keep playing.
    • Casual gamer often play a game on quite low-end machine some time they want to play on laptop, without mouse.

Right difficulty
Making a game too difficult hurts popularity of the game more than making a game too easy. Having said that, always making the game too easy is also not a good idea.

To make sure that wide range of people can enjoy the game, they should be able to select difficulty. Easy = very easy, Normal = quite easy,  Hard = hard!

Right controls

Fury Officer 2 is really good example for the great game that can’t shine because of awkward controls. It was too complicated and there were no good control scheme for its changing lane mechanic. You must try to design control scheme to fit with genre and to be friendly with other kind of device other than desktop.

Lively presentation

Static GUI is dated! Player need something fun to look into while they are using game interface. However if you overdone it, it will be annoying instead of being cool.


Where do all the rainbows go?

I have problems with my work recently. So, I decided to collect all my works over the past several years (2003 – present), to see what I can learn from the past.

Red = Epic fail (in term of popularity).

Orange = Fail (in term of popularity).

Black = Just an ordinary game, and it was doing okay

Light green = Quite popular.

Green = Huge hit!


Noidzor [Play Now]

  • An action game that is inspired by Arkanoid and mixed with RPG elements.
  • Popularity: Huge hit!

Fury Officer [Play Now]

  • Hardcore beat’em up game with non-stop action and  some upgradeables.
  • Popularity: Huge hit!
  • Note: This game is not designed by me.

Ninjutsu [Play Now]

  • This tossing game gives you a chance to toss our awesome ninja!
  • Popularity: Huge hit!
  • Note: The first game that come with achievement system. Hey, thank you Kenny 😀

Mominer [Play Now]

  • Another tossing game, but come with more control. and that was the first time that our logo was put in game.
  • Popularity: Huge hit!

Harmony Keeper [Play Now]

  • It’s a shooting game that has somewhat cute planet eater as a protagonist and she eats planet for a good reason!
  • Popularity: Extremely hit! also reviewed this game, see it here.
  • Note: This franchise is a new gem for me!

Mofunzone Avatar Maker [Play Now]

  • This is a tool that allow you to make your avatar.
  • Popularity: Extremely popular!
  • Note: Why we (our team) stop updating this tool?

Aquacubes [Play Now]

  • A simple puzzle game, really simple indeed.
  • Popularity: Popular! People liked this game.

Noidzor 2 [Play Now]

  • It is a sequel of Noidzor, everything are better than the first one
  • Popularity: Not quite hit, but also not bad.
  • Note: This franchise is still very valuable imo.

The Eater [Play Now]

  • It is an ordinary action game with a touch of Thai’s belief
  • Popularity: Hmmm . . . it did surprisingly well.
  • Note: This game is still worth to make a sequal, but with a lot of improvement.

Fury Officer 2 [Play Now]

  • Sequel of Fury Officer with more story, more customizations, more moves.
  • Popularity: People on Mofunzone really love this but people on other site doesn’t love this game that much.
  • Note: Changing lane mechanic badly held this game back (and that was my fault).

Flu Sweeper [Play Now]

  • Unlike its prequel, this game is a real action game. You have to control and evole an immunity to fight against flu (the same flu from Flying Flu).
  • Popularity: Surprisingly good.

Tree Trooper [Play Now]

  • Really unique strategy game. Instead of sending unit to collect resources for you, you have to wreck a tank on a table to get them. Because of its uniqueness, its learning curve is also steep.
  • Popularity: Wow, surprisingly popular!
  • Note: Its concept is interesting, I really into concept of “nature vs human”.

Shun [Play Now]

  • It is an action / shooting game . . . I don’t know. . .  for me it’s hard to fit this game in specific genre.
  • Popularity: This game cames with innovation (at that time; it was real-time score comparing). So, yes it was popular.

Shrubbery [Play Now]

  • Again a shooting game with unique concept. Your main goal is to drop seeds on the ground as many as possible, while dodging enemies. This game also featuring bosses fight.
  • Popularity: So, so . . .
  • Note: Another game based on “nature vs human” concept.

Sweety Puzzle [Play Now]

  • A cute and unique puzzle game at those day
  • Popularity: Not popular, but it got really good feedback.

Cuisine King [Play Now]:

  • A puzzle game that is inspired by busy restaurant in Thailand.
  • Popularity: So, so

Rover Archer [Play Now]

  • It is an action game that heavily focus on jumping . . . and epic boss fight.
  • Popularity: This game was doing okay.
  • Note: I’m still keen to make sequal for this franchise.

Tank Attack [Play Now]

  • It’s a weird looking shooting game, with some weird weapons.
  • Popularity: This game was doing okay, notthing special though.

Germ Attack [Play Now]

  • A unique, actually it is still very unique nowadays (I believe)
  • Popularity: Not popular.

Space Faction [Play Now]:

  • A puzzle + shooting game
  • Popularity: We was expect this game to be hit but it failed . . . people seem don’t like this game.
  • Note: It’s pace is too slow, but the idea of the game still has potential imo.

Shun 2 [Play Now]

  • Sequal of Shun, the same concept.
  • Popularity: Not quite popular . . . it was released with a bug, and the bug that ruined the game.

Terra Guardian [Play Now]

  • Old school side-scrolling shooting, where you role as a tank and fight against hostile airplane.
  • Popularity: Not so good.

Terra Guardian 2 [Play Now]

  • Sequal of Terra Guardian with ton of improvements.
  • Popularity: Not as good I expected. However, some people really like this game.
  • Note: Problem mainly came from difficulty of the game and the fact that you can move tank only left or right escalated the problem.

Blackhole Trek [Play Now]

  • A weird shooting game which won’t allow you to easily fire at a target . . . .
  • Popularity: Not quite good, mainly because its control scheme.

Blackhole Trek 2 [Play Now]

  • A weird shooting game, as same as Blackhole Trek but with more upgrades.
  • Popularity: Not quite good, mainly because its control scheme. . . . I made the same mistake twice in this series.

Egore The Hero [Play Now]

  • My first point and click adventure game, which looked fun on paper
  • Popularity: Hmm . . . . not so good.

Core [Play Now]

  • It is a stylish shooting game.
  • Popularity: Not popular.
  • Note: Controls are bad, its rules are really confusing.

Aquacubes 2 [Play Now]

  • A puzzle + shooting game, it also has many unique features.
  • Popularity: People hate this game 😦
  • Note: Features are poorly introduced, control scheme is quite bad, further more gameplay is not fit quite well in both genres.

Damn Bug [Play Now]

  • I’m not sure what is its genre, maybe action . . . hmm
  • Popularity: Very bad, and I do agree . . . this is very bad game.
  • Note: Play it only if you want to see how bad it is.

Damn Bug 2 [Play Now]

  • An action / shooting game. It’s a sequel of Damn Bug but barely refers to the first game
  • Popularity: Very bad . . .
  • Note: The game has outdated graphic, outdated engine and bad presentation . . .

Stunt Hero [Play Now]

  • It is a shooting game with horrible controls . . . .
  • Popularity: needless to say

Ribertium Wars [Play Now]

  • This defensive style shooting mimics C&C Tiberrium Wars. Its gameplay is quite weird.
  • Not quite good, but its concept is still interesting (for me).

Defence Commander [Play Now]

  • Another defensive style shooting.
  • Popularity: Not quite good, I guess this genre is outdated. It would be a bit of challenge to bring this genre back.

Mantra Trigger [Play Now]

  • I’ve got an idea of this game from Ownage Burst, mixed with too complex controls and too hard difficulty setting.
  • Popularity: Just bad . . . But actually this game has high potential if I can do it right.

Flying Flu [Play Now]

  • This is really small action game, all you have to do is click on a flu to keep it bouncing to the top.
  • Popularity: Bad
  • Note: I think people hate this game because it is too small, too simple, and all upgrades are not permanent.

Action | Fury Officer 2

Fury Officer 2

Play Now

This is a sequel of Fury Officer, which was hit! In this part everything look much better and visitor on Mofunzone liked it (It got 86% rating). However, my expectation of the game was so high. So, despite a lot of people liked the game, it was not popular enough to be counted as a successful (cry).

What went right

  • Awesome graphic!
  • Skills and combos mechanic were good. They gave player some choices and customization.
  • Putting dialog in-game was a good idea. They gave the game more characteristic.
  • This game has A lot of playable character player can unlock, which was really good.

What went wrong

  • “Lane **” mechanic . . . . this was the true gameplay destroyer. . . . This was terrible move I’ve made.
  • Command for some moves were too complex and too hard to pull off with a keyboard.
  • There was one attack that too powerful and made the game really easy. Some people also complained about it. I won’t tell you what is the attack though :D.

** I’ve got the mechanic from Guardian Heroes, which is the best beat’em up ever!

Shooting | Harmony Keeper

Play now or read a nice review for this game at Jayisgames.

My latest shooting game was a successful, and to be honest I’m really surprised because this game is quite unusual. Its rules are different from typical shooting games and somewhat confusing. However, thanks to my teammates, eventually I can get it back on track.

What went right

  • We allowed player to control guardians when he wants.
  • We allowed player to have 2 types of guardian at the beginning of the game instead of 1.
  • This game has colorful graphic.
  • This game is extremely easy to beat but not that easy to get all achievements. Consequently, player doesn’t upset because of dying.
  • On top of achievement, we also put optional challenges for each mission. So, players who love quite a bit of challenges can enjoy this game.

What went wrong

  • Hmmm . . . I think bosses are disappointed, especially the final boss.

Shooting | Damn Bugs

Play Now

How To Play
– ดูจาก Tutorial ในเกมได้เลย

Developer Talk
สุดยอดเกม( ที่ผมผิดหวังมากที่สุด เท่าที่ทำมา ) สิ่งที่ผิดพลาดก็คือ ไม่ได้กรองความคิดดีพอ ทำให้ตัวเกมกับสิ่งที่คิดไว้ออกมาห่างไกลกันคนละโลก

ตอนแรกผมกะว่า คนเล่นจะต้องคลิ๊กที่โน้นที่นี่ เพื่อยิงแมลงสาบให้ทัน แต่เอาเข้าจริง รูปแบบการเล่นแบบนั้นมันช่างน่าเบื่อ . . . ผลคือต้องแก้ปัญหาเฉพาะหน้าล้วนๆ ผลมันก็เลยออกมาอย่างนี้แล . . .

ยังไงก็ตาม ผมมองเห็นศักยภาพของระบบในเกมนี้ ภ้ามีภาค 2 ละก็ มันจะต้องเจ๋ง!!

– Banjo Kazooie Opening by LastSpartan
– Yoshi Land Battle Theme SSB by LastSpartan
– Forest Melody by r0bz0r

Action | Noidzor 2


Play Now

How To Play
– ดูจาก Tutorial ในเกมได้เลย

Developer Talk
เกมภาคนี้พัฒนาขึ้นมาจากภาคแรกแทบทุกด้าน แต่ด้วยความคาดหวังที่สูงมากของตัวผมเอง เกมนี้ยังไม่
สมบูรณ์แบบเท่าที่มันควรจะเป็น และยังมีบัคแปลกๆอยู่บางจุด( กำลังรีบแก้คร้าบ >_< )

feedback ที่ได้กลับมา ถือว่าอยู่ในระดับที่คงที่ อืม . . . ถึงเวลาที่ต้องหาไอเดียใหม่ๆสำหรับภาคต่อไป

– Dark Realm Winter Harvest  by Sulfur-Ram
– Ghosts in the walls by RigAudio
– Mind bug by VegetarianMeat